The ability to duplicate a selected component.


The ability to import and scale point clouds. This will allow both designers and architects to sketch in context.

3D laser Scanning Service Provider

The ability to retopo imported 3d models. Snapping and tracing, similar to reverse engineering applications.

Support Oculus Quest

I’ve not tried tethering yet, as only have Macs, but a native, tetherless Quest version would be very liberating in and of itself.

inverse kinematic

add inverse kinematic or basically a function for linking objects together and functionally move/animate by touching/holding them

Constraints Measuring Tools

The ability to set the size of objects and lock them to a size (like normal constraint system in solid modeling CAD tools like Solidworks, Fusion360 etc)

Subtract + Trim

Add the ability to Trim two intersecting surfaces in order to join them together.

Once primitives are added, the ability to subtract (Delete) faces with other faces will be huge!

DWG import

Import of DWG, DXF files

edit coordinates

make vertices display their coordinates and make them editable by allowing precise input

Export/screenshot from within VR

Add an export and screenshot button inside VR