JT file format

Support JT files for import and export

kitbash library

model with custom imported meshes or/and meshes made and saved in a kitbash library in flyingshapes

layer system

different layers that can be made (in)visible

color choice UV’s

Choice to model mesh in a certain color that automatically assigns a UV map for each new color when exporting

Export formats

export choice as .OBJ .FBX .3DM .LWO .LXO .3DS

primitive library

model with primitives from a library where size can be adjusted

adjustable workspace

– light(s) on/off
– environment(s) on/off and custom
– camera on/off to export stills/photographs/360
– adjustable grid system on/off
– adjustable mirror system

geometric basic shapes

enable the drawing of circles, ellipses, rectangles etc.